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Who We Are HealthSapiens is a telemedicine provider to an incredible network of US licensed general physicians on an "unlimited" 2417 basis across telephone, video and secure email for medical consultations.

Our members include individual consumers, families as well as small to mid-size companies across the US. Here are a few of the many benefits they receive: 1. Peace of mind knowing a doctor is always just a phone call away. 2. Save time and money by eliminating unnecessary trips to the doctor's office, improving access to preventative care. 3. No waiting for an appointment. Speak to a physician immediately for personal, private, secure medical consultations. 4. 100 percent secure and HIPAA Compliant. 5. Reduced absenteeism, fewer sick days by eliminating unnecessary office visits. Common Conditions Treated 73% • Allergies • Bronchitis Telemedicine • Cold/Flu address 73% • Eye Infection Of the top 25 most common • Fever conditions • Headache • Rash/Skin Infection • Sinus Infection • Small Wound • Stomach Ache/Diarrhea • Upper Respiratory Infection • Yeast Infection Common Medication Prescribed • Albuteroll • Allegra • Amoxicillin • Augmentin • Azithromycin • Bactrim • Blaxin • Cipro • Diflucan • Fionase • HCTZ Ibuprofen • Keflex • Levaquin • Lipitor • Lisinopril • Macrobid • Metformin • Nasonex • Prednisone Pyridium • Tamiflu • Tessalon • Zithromax (Z-Pack) 82% Telemedicine physicians prescribe 82% Of the top 25 most common medications

 »How It Works Connect 01 Patient calls a dedicated tea-free rumber or lags to their member portal to schedule a consultation a in thall State. Tripge 02 Mom a Cam Kho I all arm plonw Consult 03 Member tx•nsu'ts with Physicim recommen:ß treatment plan, a prncrtption necessary. pharmacy of your choice. 04 The &cto,- wil the rnomber's EHR an«the censultaticn. The pat*nt has their portal. HealthSapiens is always there for you when you need medical advice! Access • 24/7/365 • Less than 1 hour wait • All mobile devices • Phone • Internet • Video • English and Spanish Additive Care • Consultations meant to supplement your PCP • Medical records can be shared Our Doctors • Board certified • Currently practicing • Licensed in your state . HIPAA compliant • Bi-lingual Great Value • $14.95/month per person • $19.95/month for 2-6 people • Less than SO.50/day • Unlimited consultations • No hidden fees or co-payments • No long term contracts »Client Benefits 1. Lowers healthcare costs: Telehealth reduces costly and unnecessary office, urgent care, and emergency room visits. Health Sapiens members have zero co-pay. 2. Easelspeed of access to doctors: For people who travel, work in rural locations or live in underserved cities, telehealth can sometimes mean receiving care or not. 3. 50-state wide access to doctors: We have dedicated doctors that are available nationwide. 4. Quick access to prescriptions: Doctors can prescribed medication to your nearest pharmacy. 5. Reduced paperwork: Your EHR is available to you anytime. Simple Solutions 1. Removes Transportation Hassles: See a doctor from home. 2. Saves Money Due to Reduced Healthcare Costs: Telephone and online video consultations lower the cost of ongoing treatment and office visit. 3. Can Receive a Doctor's Opinion Quickly: We provide 24/7 consultations. Being able to talk to a doctor immediately is a reassuring service. 4. Augments Care: Our doctors know when they can handle health issues and when to advise you to seek an in-person visit or head to the emergency room. 5. Travel-Friendly Tool: HealthSapiens allows you to travel with peace of mind. 6. HealthSapiens Complements any Insurance Plan: HealthSapiens telemedicine offers physician consultations with no out of pocket costs.
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